Description: "Horse in tension" - Horse of clay


Description: "Silver horse"


Description: "Head of horse" - Bronze


Description: "Horse" - Sculpture in painted clay"


Description: "Diana" - Sculpture in painted clay


Description: "The charge of the five" - Sculpture in painted clay


Description: "Horse" - Bronze


Description: "Cavallo d'oro"  


Description: "Teste di cavallo"  



Description: "Butteri alla carica" / sculpure made in bronze 25x30cm

Description: "Quattro cavalieri cavalcano cavalle andaluse" / Scultura in creta dipinta altezza 26x40

SABA doesn't accept compromises, requestes of new trends of the 20░ century, or an easy return of the subject, but she works with energy following the clearly defined figurative tradition. A mane in the wind, a nitrite towards the sun or a gallop horse, are some of the subjects that characterise the assence of a language that is also the one of the released "Cavaliere Armato" ("Armed Rider"), or of the bronze Forza e AgilitÓ" ("Strenght and Agility"), of the canvas "Alla Fonte" (" To the Spring") and of the plastic model "Butteri alla carica". Looking At these works the verses of Garcia Lorca come back to the mind: "A hundred horses gallop" and also "In the surface, in the wind, black filly, red moon".

A. Mistrangelo

Description: "Senza gioia" ("Whitout joy") / Sculpture made by worked clay and hand-painted. 30x15

Description: "Simbolo di bellezza"